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Embrace the Beauty of Fine Art Landscape Photography in Your Cottage Décor
July 2023  |  Cottage Country

Your cottage is not just a place to escape the mundane, but a sanctuary where you can surround yourself with beauty and tranquility. One of the most captivating ways to enhance the ambiance of your cottage is through the incorporation of fine art landscape photography...

January 1, 2022

Whenever a year comes to a close I always marvel at how fast it passed and this year is no different. It's true that this was a year like no other. Here in Toronto we started 2021 in a lockdown but by late spring we were seeing glimmers of hope that we were getting to a point where we could start putting the pandemic behind us and get back to spending time with family and friends and doing the things we love...

Giving The Gift of Art
October 26, 2021

How to Give the Gift of Art.

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner…again. It’s true what they say…”time is fleeting”, even through a year as difficult as this one was, it seems that in a blink of an eye a year has passed...

Why You Should Commission a Piece of Art.
March 16, 2021  |  Toronto, Ontario

You've been following an artist and you love their work. You watch them post on social media and see all the new work they're producing and how they interact with their audience. You can buy art that they have posted on their site or that is currently available at an exhibit or gallery or you can commission your own piece...

Collecting Fine art Photography 101
February 22, 2021

If you're an art collector there are many mediums to choose from...paintings, sculptures, drawings, conceptual art, the list goes on. In the grand scheme of things photography is a relatively new medium but certainly not one to be overlooked...